Thanks to Heather Peck


Chicken breast (skin and boneless)
Sour Cream
PLAIN Yogurt (greek seems to be the best)
Cavender’s greek seasoning
Ranch Packet
Feta Cheese
Tortilla shells
olive oil
The Sauce:  I make a double batch every time.  If you do this, do 8oz to roughly 8ozs
In a cheese cloth or coffee filters and a strainer, put the sour cream and yogurt. I do about 16 oz of sour cream to roughly 16oz of yogurt. Let this sit, the longer it sits the better.
*Peel and grate the 2 (double batch) cucs (drain and I mean drain the shit out of them)
In a large bowl: Add drained mixture and cucs with 2 packets of Ranch (dried packet and again for a double batch)
Mix well and taste. If it tastes good. Move on, if not… add something.
Cut the chicken into strips.
In a large frying pan, add olive oil and the chicken strips.
season the shit out of it.
cook till white.
warm up shell (either microwave or in the frying pan)
add chicken
add sauce
top with onion and tomatoes (if you like them)
add feta
roll up and enjoy.