Officials in Wyoming say a group of pranksters planted marijuana seeds in community planters, leaving city workers to unknowingly care for the plants for several weeks.
The Powell Tribune reports seasonal workers with the city’s Parks and Recreation department didn’t notice the plants until they started to develop their distinctive looking leaves, so instead of picking bouquets to take home to their mothers, the buzz-kills notified the cop shop when several marijuana plants were found just outside of the police department. City workers continue to find the plants budding throughout the city and were given small paper bags to collect them.
Small paper bags…with rolling instructions printed on the side….
Turns out, aside from you-the professional world is actually full of some pretty decent people…and FORGIVERS.
Get ready to rip your tank tops! Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan is back in the WWE Hall of Fame after getting kicked out for using the N-word. He was reinstated after a three-year suspension. Hogan was removed in 2015, right after he dropped the expletive multiple times in an angry rant about his daughter dating a black man.
The WWE said in a statement yesterday he issued multiple apologizes and completed community service during his suspension. Hogan was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005.


It seems the CORE of thinking is changing in the big apple as New York's State Department of Health is now officially PEELING back their hatin’ and backing the legalization of marijuana. They handed Governor Cuomo a 74-page report that comes to the conclusion that the positive effects of pot outweigh the potential negative ones. 74 PAGES? Think of all the rolling papers that could make!!!
Cuomo, who in the past has called marijuana a gateway drug, says he may be more open to legalization now. The Health Department report laid out more than a dozen reasons why the state should legalize the drug, while at the same finding New York could generate close to 678-million-dollars a year in tax revenue. Bingo! And THERE is your big green light on the green pipe….So, legislation aside, what are your own PERSONAL top TWO reasons? See…I kept it simple-just TWO so you don’t tax the last little brain cell shivering behind your eyes up there….


Get ready to dodge this bullet of knowledge…I am gonna FIRE off a stat here about GnR. Guns N’ Roses is officially the biggest musical act on YouTube for both the 1980s and 1990s. The band’s music video for the 1991 song November Rain-I know that video well! And, I’m no trend setter…that is the first clip from the 1990s to reach the billion-view mark.
The video for the track off the 1991 album Use Your Illusion One averaged close to 560- thousand views every day in 2017. Other videos from the band that have garnered a significant number of views include Sweet Child O’Mine at around 692-million and Don’t Cry at just over 470-million.
Bottle, can, tap…or CONE? The Big Apple has fermented…and now Beer and hard cider-flavored ice cream are coming to New York store shelves. Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill authorizing the sale of such ice cream as long as the alcohol content doesn’t exceed five-percent. Containers will also have to carry special labels and can’t be sold to anyone under 21. Wine-infused ice cream has been legal in New York for the past decade.