50 THINGS To Do While Quarantined…..scorch

  1. Spring clean your entire house
  2. Declutter – for inspiration, watch “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, or read about Kondo’s tidying tips here
  3. DIY/Revamp old clothes
  4. Read, read and read some more
  5. Try new recipes – baking or cooking
  6. Learn a new skill – YouTube is a great place to do this. You can also try SkillShare which has many videos for professional development
  7. Follow a livestream fitness class – many fitness center and studios are hosting LIVE videos everyday
  8. Dance – like no one is watching, of course
  9. Do yoga and/or stretch
  10. Go for long walks and/or runs
  11. Listen to a podcast – there are podcasts for every topic imaginable. I’m sure you will find one that you like! S
  12. Journal – we’re living in a crazy time. Write out feelings and thoughts about the whole situation. It’ll be interesting to read back in the future!
  13. Paint – materials required: paint, paint brush, paper, and a whole lot of CREATIVITY. Rules: NONE
  14. Binge-watch a new TV show – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+… These will surely help your days go by!
  15. Have a movie day – Choose a theme, and watch movies all. day. long
  16. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs, and then have a dance party
  17. Plan around with makeup – try and experiment with different looks
  18. Write a book – a children’s book, a teen romance, a murder-mystery… the options are endless
  19. DIY a board game – take a game that you already own, but never play. Then, make new rules and revamp the board
  20. Try bullet journaling – in the last year, this has become a huge trend. The problem for many: it is too time-consuming. Well, not that you have the time, give it a try!
  21. Build a fort – why the heck not!
  22. Watch YouTube videos – you know all those videos in your “watch later” on YouTube? Now’s that time.
  23. Make a puzzle
  24. Play cards with your housemates
  25. Sketch and/or draw
  26. Meditate – try different types of mediation
  27. Become a master at a certain subject (how to start a business, astrology, plant-based diets, dolphins and their habitat… as you can see, it can really be anything!)
  28. Start a blog – write about things you’re passionate about
  29. Try a challenge – no social media for a day, daily meditation, makeup-free for a week, no coffee for the month…and you can even document your experience for others
  30. Learn a new language – Duolingo is a helpful app for this
  31. Have a spa-day – face masks, bubble baths, hair treatments… all the above
  32. Do a digital declutter – clear out clutter off your phone, your computer, your social media, etc.
  33. Write a letter to someone you love – reaching out on social media is amazing and easy, but there is something special about a hand-written note
  34. Write a letter to your younger self and/or future self
  35. Make a dream board – what do you want your year, or your next few years to look like?
  36. Rearrange a room in your house
  37. Have FaceTime parties with your friends
  38. Budget your finances
  39. Scrapbook – have an event that recently passed? Turn it into a scrapbook and include all your favorite photos and mementos
  40. Try new hairstyles
  41. Learn a choreography online, or make your own dance sequence to your favorite song
  42. Explore the world through Google Maps – sounds boring, but it’s actually quite entertaining and passes the time!
  43. Make your own Ted-Talk – passionate or knowledgeable about an issue? Become a motivational speaker for the day and record yourself doing a “Ted-Talk”
  44. Make some DIYs or crafts – Pinterest will be your best friend for this
  45. Plan your dream vacation – one day you’ll make it happen!
  46. Play with your pets
  47. Look at old photos and home videos
  48. Set goals and create action plans
  49. Write a poem
  50. Try nail art, or just simply paint your nails
  51. Catch up on sleep
  52. Learn an instrument – have a piano or guitar sitting in your closet? Now is the time to learn a simple song or two
  53. Write a song
  54. Make a bucket list
  55. Check in with friends and family – self-isolation can take a toll on our mental health. Stay connected through phone calls, FaceTime chats and messaging