People have an easier time going to the bank on Tuesdays, more than any other day of the week. (No people traffic)
21% of women apply lipstick before exercising.
One of three American adults admit that they haven’t made a prank phone call since high school.
According to a survey, 21% of people say they don’t like picnics, but 4% say they hate them.
The average mom and dad spend $62.25 per weekend on a baby sitter.
The object most hit by vehicles (besides other vehicles) is the tree. Number two is a utility pole.
12% of people let their dog out when they get first get home from work.
A survey finds that parents worry about their children 37 hours a week. Six in ten parents admit that sometimes the worry is so great it leads to a loss of sleep.
The number one parents’ saying that kids hate to hear the most is, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”