20 years ago, every adult knew how to write a check. Now, only about 75% of us know how.
Crayons are the most likely thing a kid will stick up their nose followed by a french fry.
The average man spends seven hours a year hiding in the bathroom.
In the 1970’s, most people learned to drive a stick shift vehicle (manual transmission), but today only about 20% of people do.
Out of 100,000 paper clips released throughout one company’s workforce, 5,308 were used to clean under fingernails.
Experts say Monday is the best day to buy a car.
Americans lose over 5 million dollars a year by not collecting change out of vending machines.
The automobile is a huge expense in our lives, and yet 95% of the time, it goes unused.
In about 22% of marriages in the U.S. the wife makes more money that the husband.