According to statistics, we buy enough weed wacker line every year in America, to wrap it around the earth more than 5 times.
Fewer Americans travel by plane over the 4th of July than any other U.S. holiday.
Scientists say that too much sugar can literally make you dumb.
73% of people don’t know how to parallel park.
Every year, it takes the average person 4.5 hours to deal with auto repairs.
According to Sports Illustrated, about 1500 people will be treated in emergency wards this year after getting hurt playing Ping Pong.
A recent Gallup poll found that 48 percent of U.S. adults say they have at least one can of soda a day. Among those who drink soda, the average amount consumed is 2.6 glasses a day.
According to a Women’s Day health survey, 33% of women say the worst thing about spring and summer is allergies.
Reader’s Digest survey shows that most couples argue about when to stop for bathroom breaks while traveling.