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weekend box office maze runnerJAKE COYLE, AP Film Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - The young-adult thriller "The Maze Runner" raced to the box-office top spot with $32.5 million, sprinting past Liam Neeson's "A Walk Among the Tombstones."

According to studio estimates Sunday, Fox' "Maze Runner" easily outpaced the $13.1 million debut of Neeson's latest action film for Universal Studios. "The Maze Runner," adapted from James Dashner's series of science-fiction YA novels, is being launched as a new franchise, with a sequel already in the works.

The Warner Bros. dramedy "This Is Where I Leave You" came in third with $11.9 million. The Shawn Levy-directed film failed to be a big draw despite an A-list ensemble cast including Tina Fey, Jason Bateman and Jane Fonda.

Yesterday (September 19) was Jimmy Fallon's 40th birthday, and the crew of "The Tonight Show" pooled their money and got him something extra, super special: a giant cake! What was inside that giant cake? A shirtless Seth Rogen and James Franco, of course.

Clearly, Fallon had no idea what skin-baring surprise was coming his way, because he was left speechless. He also laughed so hard that breathing became an issue for him.

jimmy fallon birthday suprise

It would be safe to say that "The Cosby Show" is one of the greatest sitcoms ever. The Bill Cosby-led NBC hit paved the way for so many family comedies that came after it and it still holds up to this day. The Huxtables were the family you wanted to be in, laugh with, learn lessons from -- we wouldn't even mind getting grounded in a household as hilarious as theirs.

The very first episode of "The Cosby Show" aired September 20, 1984, so it's time to celebrate the groundbreaking show's 30th anniversary. And what better way to celebrate than to count down the funniest episodes of all time? Throughout the series's eight season run there were so many laugh-out-loud hilarious moments that this was quite the task, but we narrowed it down to 15 greats.

Do you agree? Here are the 15 funniest episodes of "The Cosby Show" ever:

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The Good WifeWill "The Good Wife" become "The Good State's Attorney"?

That's the question looming when the CBS drama returns for a sixth season Sunday, Sept. 21 at 9:30 p.m. In May's finale, Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) received a stunning proposition from Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) -- that she run for the office of state's attorney. The very office her own husband, Peter (Chris Noth), once held and then lost when he went to prison.

Last season was perhaps the best run of episodes yet for "The Good Wife" (though, it unjustly did not receive a Best Drama Emmy nomination). So how will the show top itself this year?

Where the show left off:

As we mentioned above, Eli asked Alicia to run for office. That came about after the failure of a bid by Finn Polmar (Matthew Goode), whom Peter had once endorsed. Alicia was in no place for romance after the death of mentor and love Will Gardner and declaring her marriage to Peter "in name only." On the professional front, Alicia and Cary (Matt Czuchry) butted heads over the future of their firm. And back at Lockhart Gardner, Diane (Christine Baranski) pondered her own path as Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) began to push her out.

Where we pick up:

Creators Robert and Michelle King told E! Online that the season 6 premiere begins mere seconds after Eli popped that question. In a teaser video, Alicia firmly turns him down -- but please, this is Eli Gold. "No" does not exist in his vocabulary. At Florrick, Agos & Associates, the already turbulent situation is roiled further when Diane offers to bring $38 million with her. Also caught in the battle between the two firms is a new character, equity partner Dean Levine-Wilkins (Taye Diggs). The Kings also teased that this season's storytelling will be more serialized, as is demonstrated in the premiere when there's no case that gets resolved.

What we want to see:

The creation of Florrick, Agos, and Lockhart is a supremely juicy story that plays off the complicated relationships between Alicia and Cary, Alicia and Diane, and Cary and Diane. Czuchry doesn't get nearly enough to do, so the more Cary, the better. Diane's jump leaves Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) in the lurch, though, and we hope that she either moves over, too, or gets a meatier storyline this season (no ex-husbands, please!). As for Peter and the goings-on at the Governor's Mansion, he'd better steer clear of that flirtatious intern and work on wooing back his wife. Margulies and Noth are always dynamite in scenes together.

We've been waiting and watching and wondering if Marvel's wonderfully weird Deadpool would ever get his due. After years of rumors, various stages of limbo (including test footage, which you can see below), and an appearance in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," it seems the weird "mercenary with a mouth" is getting his own feature-length film. Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in "Origins," so it's expected, though not yet officially announced, that he'll reprise the role for the film.

Tim Miller, who has plenty of special effects experience under his belt, will be making his directorial debut, under the close watch of producers Kevin Feige and Lauren Shuler Donner. According to EW, the screenplay will probably be the one written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick that was floating around a while ago. Reese and Wernick co-wrote "Zombieland," and also worked together on "G.I. Joe: Retaliation." They've also done a few go-rounds on a script for "Venom," although that spin-off will probably never see the light of day. Still, they're no strangers to the superhero universe.

"Deadpool" is scheduled for release on February 12, 2016.

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