All the reasons Coach of "New Girl" isn't ready to settle down, from season four premiere "The Last Wedding."
The second episode of 'Sons of Anarchy's' final season sees Jax Teller revealing the breadth of his vengeance plan, and it sure isn't pretty.
Lori kidnapped Carter again on the season finale of "Finding Carter"...what does she plan to do?

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Obviously, you need to be great at what you do. Like Miranda Lambert is.
Tim McGraw's latest project, Sundown Heaven Town, came out Tuesday (Sept. 16) following several months of previewing the new music to fans on tour.
CMT is heading back to the bayou this fall to catch up with familiar Swamp Pawn friends in Bayou Pigeon and join the journey of Swamp Hunters in Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana.
Cross this one off his bucket list. Jerrod Niemann can now tell his future children, "Yes, daddy headlined the world-famous Ryman Auditorium."
This is how Luke Bryan's 2013 win as the ACM's entertainer of the year stands out in his mind.