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Praying hands on a cross w/ a shooting star.


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Whats this tattoo of? Praying hands on a cross w/ a shooting star.
Where is it located? Upper left arm.
How long did it take to get finished? 3 hrs.
Is there a story behind this tattoo? It's a memorial piece for my brother-in-law who was more like a brother than an in-law. He had a tattoo of "lost souls" that went from his hand up his arm and I always wanted a praying hands tattoo so I figured that would be a good memorial after he passed away. The banner is CLT 1978 - 2008. I added the shooting star because on the night he died, my wife was looking up at the stars and asked, "If he was one of those stars, which one would he be?" Just then a shooting star shot accross the sky. It couldn't have been scripted any better in a movie.
Submitted by Ben Heath from Eau Claire On 8/20/2010