Want The King's Dirty Undies? $16k Please.
Posted 8/28/2012 7:40:00 AM

It's one thing to call yourself an ELVIS PRESLEY fan.  But if you're willing to buy a pair of the guy's STAINED UNDERWEAR, you've taken fandom a little too far.  And if you're willing to pay $16,000 for said stained underwear, you need HELP.


--But a British auction house is selling a pair of stained tighty whities that Elvis wore back in 1977, so people wouldn't see panty lines on his infamous white jumpsuit.


--The underwear is even described in the auction listing as, quote, "unwashed with some stains apparent."  And even so . . . or maybe BECAUSE OF those stains . . . they're expecting someone to part with 16-grand for them.


--The auction takes place on September 8th.


(--Check out a picture of Elvis' SOILED UNDERWEAR here.  And you can see the actual auction listing here.)

Posted By: Cooper