Woman Offers $1000 and Sex to Kill Husband.. in Wausau?
Posted 3/5/2014 12:42:00 PM

33-year-old Jessica Strom of Wausau, Wisconsin wanted someone to kill her fiancé, 49-year-old John Schellpfeffer.  Apparently, she felt like he was controlling and had, quote, "done bad things to her and others."


So she tracked down a former classmate and told him she had a business proposal.  She offered him $1,000 to kill her fiancé . . . and also offered to have SEX with him.  And she's decent-enough looking to make it persuasive.


She told him that after he killed her fiancé, they'd meet up and she would, quote, "pay you and [eff] you and whatever."


Fortunately, the hitman was able to think with his BRAIN and not his GENITALIA . . . and quickly turned informant for the cops.


Jessica was arrested on Thursday for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.  She's looking at a max of 60 years in prison.  She told the cops the whole thing was a joke and a misunderstanding. 


(The Smoking Gun)

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