St. Paddy's Day Sexy... Behind a Dumpster
Posted 3/20/2014 2:24:00 PM

If the worst criminal act on St. Patrick's Day was a young couple getting-it-on in public. . . I guess that's a good sign.  Way to handle your liquor, America.


Right now, cops in Newark, Delaware are searching for a classy couple who had sex over the weekend in broad daylight . . . behind a Dunkin' Donuts DUMPSTER.  They were both wearing green, so it was clearly part of their St. Patrick's Day celebration.


But the dumpster didn't give them as much privacy as they expected . . . since a couple guys drove by and filmed them until they stopped.  So photos and videos of them started popping up all over social media.


Both of them are on the younger side, and from what we can see, the woman is blonde and attractive . . . and clearly down with freaky outdoor daylight dumpster sex.


It's hard to imagine that the cops are prioritizing this, but apparently they're trying to track them down to press charges for having sex in public. 


(Uproxx / Barstool Sports)

Posted By: Cooper