A Hit-and-Gallop?
Posted 3/20/2014 5:26:00 PM

It's not a great endorsement for Honda that their cars can't outrun a HORSE-AND-BUGGY.


On Sunday, 36-year-old Michelle Cooper was driving her Honda CR-V in Mercer County, Pennsylvania when she spotted an AMISH guy in a horse-and-buggy on her tail.


She says he was, quote, "flying like a bat out of hell" down the road.  And when she stopped to turn at a stop sign, he went past her . . . and his buggy SMASHED into the side of her Honda.


Then . . . he just drove off.  Well, not drove, exactly.  Galloped?  Trotted?


Anyway, Michelle called the cops.  They've classified it as criminal mischief and will try to track down the Amish guy . . . but without a license plate or any real identifying info, it's going to be tough. 


(The Smoking Gun)

Posted By: Cooper