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--Metallica Pitched Sci-Fi Stories For Film

Metallica's Kirk Hammett says the band is pleased with "Through The Never."  But he says when they put out a call for narrative concepts the submissions were "few and far between," and the overwhelming majority were science fiction.  Kirk admits it was "really weird," and also "pretty evident" that nobody in the group wanted to make a sci-fi film.  But he says they all liked director Nimród Antal concept, which he describes as "very Metallica."  Hammett adds that there were "enough holes" in Antal's storyline for the group to contribute ideas and put their "own little Metallica identity in."  "Metallica Through The Never" opened over the weekend at IMAX 3D theaters.  The movie will get a wider release this Friday.

--Fall Out Boy Release Song From Upcoming Punk Album

Fall Out Boy is giving fans a taste of the energetic punk rock they recently cooked up with Ryan Adams.  They've unveiled a new song called "Love, Sex, Death" with a video made up of footage they shot themselves on this past summer's world tour.  It's the first release from their upcoming record "Pax Am Days."  According to "Rolling Stone," Fall Out Boy recorded the set with Adams in the producer's chair over a period of two days in his Los Angeles Pax Am Studio.  "Pax Am Days" will be released digitally on October 15th.  It will also be available as a limited-edition combo pack with Fall Out Boy's "Save Rock and Roll" album, which just came out this past April.

--BBC Radio 1 Director Criticizes Latest From Green Day, Muse

The latest work from Green Day and Muse is getting poor marks from BBC Radio 1's Nigel Harding.  The British radio station's music policy director recently discussed why they haven't been playing much of either band's music during an interview with "Music Week."  Harding says the last Green Day project -- 2012's trilogy of albums, "¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!" -- "simply wasn't good enough."  As for Muse, he says the band is "approaching a crossroads."  He notes that their last single was the first not playlisted on Radio 1 in a decade, but he adds that "the door remains open to them."  However, Harding and his BBC Radio 1 team will "have to think carefully" about Muse's follow-up to last year's "The 2nd Law."

--Hunger-Striking Pussy Riot Member Hospitalized

Russian officials say the hunger-striking member of the punk band Pussy Riot is being moved to a hospital.  The band member known as Nadya Tolokno says she is refusing food to protest slave labor conditions and murder threats.  She was hospitalized Sunday, as she entered the seventh day of her hunger strike.  She's scheduled for release in March.

--David Bowie Offering Expanded Edition Of Latest CD

David Bowie is building a bigger "Day."  The rock legend is putting together an expanded, three-disc edition of his most recent album, "The Next Day."  "The Next Day Extra" features a ten-track CD of bonus songs and a DVD with the four promotional films Bowie made for the album.  The set features four songs that have never been released before, along with one track that was only available on the Japanese version of the album and two remixes.  The set will also come with a lyric book and a collection of video stills.  And in addition to the physical release, Bowie is offering a seven-track digital EP bundle.  "The Next Day Extra" will arrive in stores on November 5th.

"The Next Day" marked Bowie's return following a decade-long absence.  It's his follow up to 2003's "Reality."

--Today's Birthdays

Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin is 45.

--Today In Rock History

In 1967
The BBC launched Radio One, a rock and roll station.

In 1974
Kiss released the album "Hotter Than Hell."

In 1977
Kiss released the album "Kiss Alive 2."

In 1980
Lou Reed and the B-52's were among the artists making cameo appearances in Paul Simon's semi-autobiographical movie, "One Trick Pony," which had its premier in New York.

In 1981
The Pretenders had to cancel the last leg of its U.S. tour because drummer Martin Chambers put his hand through a window, cutting arteries and tendons.

In 1988
Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine" broke into the Top 40.

In 1996
New releases included the Nirvana live album "From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah."

In 2004
The Vote For Change tour officially began with a series of shows in Pennsylvania.  The Dave Matthews Band led an ensemble performing in State College, Pearl Jam was the headliner in Reading, and R.E.M. and Bright Eyes took the stage in Philadelphia.

In 2010
Iggy Pop and Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell were among the performers at the first of two We Are Plastic Ono Band concerts in Los Angeles.  The shows were part of a tribute for the late John Lennon to commemorate what would have been his 70th birthday.

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